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 Jogging tips from Michael Capiraso

July 27, 2021

Michael Capiraso has realized that the JoggingBuddy platform is worth supporting. He is motivated and determined to promote jogging, running, and walking with a unique peer support group that is helping the world stay healthy and healthy. Tony Piedade, founder, and CEO of is very happy that Michael is part of the team. He…

The Financial Success Story of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

July 26, 2021

A pair of sunglasses might not seem to make much of a financial impact, but Hawkers will prove you wrong. They sold millions of sunglasses at reasonable prices with incredible margins, and their story is inspiring to listen to. When Alejandro Betancourt Lopez stepped in with a basket full of ideas, the tactics and branding…

Steps That Payam Banazadeh Has Followed to Become an Inspirational Engineer

June 11, 2021

Technological advancement has been a driving force towards transforming the world in which we live. The success of innovations is the product of the hard work and commitment of leading entrepreneurs. Various regions across the globe boast of hosting such resourceful leaders, who play a chief role in boosting the growth of the economy and…