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ZeroAvia Is Making Zero Carbon Commercial Flights A Reality

October 1, 2021

One of the most difficult challenges that has faced has been how to make airplane travel that uses a propulsion system that gives off no carbon. To put it differently, making airplanes that do not burn fossil fuels and instead achieve a carbon free flight has been very hard but recent strides have been made…

Dr. Chris Brummer: Exclusive Interview

June 11, 2021

Dr. Chris Brummer works as a law professor at Georgetown’s College of International Economic Law. He joined the institute in 2000, but before that, he worked at Vanderbilt Law College as an assistant professor and has also been attending other leading universities as a visiting professor including the London Faculty of Economics.  Apart from his…

Steps That Payam Banazadeh Has Followed to Become an Inspirational Engineer

June 11, 2021

Technological advancement has been a driving force towards transforming the world in which we live. The success of innovations is the product of the hard work and commitment of leading entrepreneurs. Various regions across the globe boast of hosting such resourceful leaders, who play a chief role in boosting the growth of the economy and…